CURVENEWYORK: Love at First Sight


Above: P.S. I Love You.

“…my very first visit to CURVENEWYORK was a huge success.”

by Melissa Cherniss

It’s crazy to think CURVENEWYORK has just come and gone, looking back, this trip has almost been a year in the making. And in three short days, it’s over, with the preparations for next season to begin immediately.

So what’s the big deal here?

For most of the lingerie industry, CURVENEWYORK is pretty much the equivalent to fashion week. A three-day long trade show, where designers from all over the world come to showcase their very latest collections. And then there are the boutique owners, press, and bloggers (like me) that come around and obsess over just about everything. Or, at least try to, because it is nearly impossible to see every single designer there.


Above: Elila Lingerie.

As a first-timer, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, so many questions were racing through my head. And I remember the moments upon entering were quite exhilarating. However, that could have been from the never-ending cups of coffee needed after the long redeye flight from San Francisco. But I’d like to believe that seeing the beautiful silhouettes of lingerie made my heart flutter, just a little.

CURVENEWYORK Feb 2018 Clio LIngerie

Above: Clio Lingerie.

Being a person who can become easily lost and confused, I decided it was best to take a lap around the show to become more acquainted with the layout. But, it was kind of like a kid in a candy shop. I did my very best to refrain myself from going up to every booth and trying on every single piece. Okay, that’s a touch aggressive, but you get my point.

After my mini lap, I became overwhelmingly tired. Maybe it was the coffee wearing off, and the jet lagging kicking in or deciding to wear open toed 4-inch heels. Or, perhaps it was all the nerves settling in. At this point, one could only wonder.

Rya Collection Woodstock Robe

Above: Rya Collection.

“The perfect combination of feminine romance, with a touch of edginess.”

So my very first meeting of the day was with Rya Collection, by Flora Backer. A new luxury brand, dedicated to helping women find their passionate side to only express their version of romance. Nonetheless, you’ll find beautiful, unique and just eye-catching pieces all throughout the collection. Particularly, my personal favorite, the Woodstock Robe. It’s beyond gorgeous, sheer black with dainty flowers embroidered all along the silhouette. The perfect combination of feminine romance, with a touch of edginess.

Rya Collection

Above: Rya Collection.

Now, there is a little “behind-the-scenes” story to this style. Right before leaving for London, I had stopped into Sugar Cookies Lingerie, a boutique located in the heart of New York City. It was one of my last store visits for my blog, until my return. As always, I go around peeking at the different brands available for purchase. And of course, I stumble upon this robe.

It was, basically, love at first sight. After trying it on, I knew that I needed to add it to my collection. But because I was planning on meeting a friend for a late lunch, I opted in not making the purchase. The owner of the boutique also warned me it wouldn’t make it through the weekend. She was right. A week later I went back, and it was no longer in stock. Silly me, made a second mistake, by leaving without any information at all. And up until CURVE, I was being haunted by this exact embroidered robe. Needless to say, after the show, there was no time wasted in ordering that robe online.

Rya Collection Chantilly Romper

Above: Rya Collection Chantilly Romper.

Besides being reunited with the Woodstock robe, it was such a pleasure to become acquainted with the team behind the Rya Collection. They brought me through their most recent collection, that is available online for purchase now, explaining that bridal is will always be the true foundational inspiration behind each piece. However, each piece is all designed with the intention of a journey; that the bride will continuously wear the piece all throughout her everyday life. Besides the robe, the Chantilly Chemise had also caught my eye. Though the silhouette is simple and chic, there a few feminine details that made the style stand out.

It’s safe to say the meeting went well for both parties involved. I walked away with the irrational need to purchase the entire collection, and they gained a valued customer. Funny how a little storytelling can make all the difference in connecting a brand to a potential customer. To my surprise, this wasn’t the only interview to end this way.

Paloma Casile

Above: Paloma Casile.

In fact, almost everyone was eager to share their knowledge and give advice. New to both the lingerie and blogging world, I was a little stunned, yet relieved by the all-around kindness of everyone.

Just a few brands other that caught my undivided attention were Paloma Casile, Fleur of England, and Samantha Chang.

When meeting with Paloma Casile, it was so refreshing to see a fellow millennial her mark in the lingerie industry. Paloma’s keen eye for branding mixed with raw design talent, it’s no wonder she was awarded the most prestigious award at the Festival of Young Creatives of Dinard.

Fleur of England CURVENY 3

Above: Fleur of England.

As for Fleur Turner, founder of Fleur of England, the one word that comes to mind is extraordinary. All of her designs are meant to tell a story, one where women can share their beauty and femininity onto the world. It was hard not to fall in love. Then there was Samantha Chang, which was totally unexpected. She’s funny, witty, and knows how to make a damn good bodysuit. And for the girl who is forever on the run, it’s a great investment piece.

Overall, my very first visit to CURVENEWYORK was a huge success. It’s been a surreal experience to have had the chance to sit down with these designers and brand representatives and talk all things lingerie. The only downside to the entire show is the overwhelming amount of beautiful product that needs to join my collection. And with that, I say, I’m looking forward to next season!

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