Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Devon Trunk

This month, Peckham-based lingerie brand Dora Larsen, launched its latest marketing campaign: Lingerie As Art.

In an aim to explore different perspectives on lingerie, each artist and/or photographer was given a set of Dora Larsen and told to take a photograph in any way they please.

The brand exhibits each photo on a weekly basis, accompanied by an interview with each artist, examining their thoughts behind the photos.

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Lolly Orbell

Examples include: Photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz snaps a bra on the floor of her bathroom, using her signature flash film camera. Videographer Ceara McEvoy collaborates with friend Jess Woodley on a moody fashion shoot.

Regular contributor to ‘So It Goes’ magazine, Sophie Wright, hacks away at an image to uncover its different components.

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Ceara McEvoy

Dora Larsen aims to push barriers with marketing campaigns. In a lingerie world often saturated in the ‘hard sell’, the brand acknowledges the changing perspectives of the customer in wanting to develop a more personal relationship with brands.

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Sophie Wright

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