FIT to Inspire Her: Inspire Psyche Terry

FIT to Inspire Her Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor

Boasting a stunning debut collection underpinned by the gripping tales of mythological Greek deity, lingerie brand Inspire Psyche Terry is built on the philosophy that it was created to be “Fit to Inspire Her”.

Yet, although the visible beauty and quality of the collection speaks for itself, founder and designer Psyche Terry was not satisfied to let the story end there.

She is determined that we understand the consideration and effort that she imbibed into her brand, particularly her mission in making each piece fit for the “busy modern day woman” ploughing her way through life’s daily challenges and demands.

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

Psyche’s conceptualization of Inspire Psyche Terry, rests on the premise that her pieces are simultaneously attractive and fit for purpose, which defines the brand’s “FIT to Inspire Her” model.

FIT encompasses the merged concepts of “Fashion, Innovation and Technique” in producing the ideally desirable garment for women of differing shapes and sizes.

A great example of this FIT fusion is the Inspire Built-In Bra Chemise, a piece modelled and endorsed by respected social influencer, The Curvy Fashionista’s Marie Denee, who blogged about feeling simply divine in this versatile but very vivacious piece.

“I wanted something that puts the ‘FUN’ in function, so we created styles that have support and are regal and beautiful all in the same garment,” said Psyche.

FIT to Inspire Her

Marie Denee wearing Inspire Psyche Terry

“Everyone deserves to be inspired.” – Psyche Terry.

The Inspire Chemise is a superb way for the brand to ideally show off that it understands that the modern woman needs fashion that she can rely on for multiple occasions rather than just in the odd instance.

“The chemise was created for the working woman, with the idea that it’s more than just a night-time lingerie piece, but that it can also be worn at work as a slip under your dress or as a top, as well as in the bedroom,” said the brand. “This chemise is unique because it features soft cups with medium-gauge, non-dig underwire and adjustable straps that create the perfect combination of comfort and coverage. The super-soft, non-restrictive Chantilly lace makes it comfortable enough for a night in, while the built-in bra cups allow you the freedom and support to wear it in the boardroom, too.”

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

Activating the concept of FIT has meant Psyche and her team have had to steep themselves in much hard work and discovery but the brand wants both fans and industry customers to feel assured in the product they have created.

To inspire brand confidence in the rest of us, Inspire Psyche Terry gives three major insights about its product and vision:

It is a brand backed by Research & Expertise:

In order to get a valid view of the intimate apparel challenges and needs the modern woman faces, the brand had to hear from the “everyday woman”, investing the last two years in intensive research. Feedback such as painful straps and drab design was given to industry experts who assisted the brand in crafting garments to address these issues.

“We interviewed over 40 women and worked with the best tech designers in the world to create this FIT to Inspire Her, ‘Indulgence in Innovation’ line of intimates,” said Psyche.

Inspire Psyche Terry is proud to report: “We worked with industry experts from some of the top, iconic intimate apparel brands to make sure our styles reflect current fashion trends and high-quality fit that flatters all body types.”

Inspire Psyche Terry is created to slim and flatter the figure:

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17
“Each of our bras and lingerie styles has neat features like nothing this industry has ever seen,” said Psyche. “We are slimming, cutting spillage and slippage and other difficulties that women like me have had in their intimates.” Rather than exposing those body imperfections that women would prefer to keep concealed, Inspire Psyche Terry lingerie aims, according to the brand, to “conceal, enhance, and slim.”

Techniques such as the use of non-restrictive fabrics, double wrapping and tummy control panels are employed to make Inspire Psyche Terry pieces ideal for smoothing the silhouette. Best of all women can feel confident that they are getting optimum bust support from Inspire Psyche Terry lingerie.

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The brand assures that: “Our innovative designs feature either built-in bralette cups or bra cups that are constructed to be fully adjustable, extra supportive, and comfortable for all cup sizes.”

So each woman wearing Inspire Psyche Terry can feel that she is benefitting from the full “inspire” fit.

Inspire Psyche Terry goes beyond the basic bra:

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17
Although offering four classic and very wearable bra styles, these bras are not “run of the mill.”

Each style has features that are remarkable to the brand: the Dot Mesh Power Plunge is designed to frame the bustline at the fullest point and give security without padding.

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

Guaranteed by the brand to be the best multiway the modern day woman will wear, the Geo Lace Modern Mulitway is said to be created with more cup space than the traditional multi, allowing the bust to sit more comfortably down inside the cups and prevent spillage.

Known as the “million-dollar-bra” Inspire Psyche Terry’s Chantilly Lace Longline Multiway features “inspire” wings designed to keep the longer base of the bra anchored comfortably to the midriff as riding up can make such bras a turn-off to wear. The bras gradually slimmer under band serves to address this issue.

Inspire Psyche Terry SS17

With its forgiving stretch cups the Textured Animal Bold Balconette is capable of accommodating fluctuations in a woman’s breast size, which can easily happen from month to month. This bra is structured to fit the bust no matter the current size. In addition the bra’s plush memory foam-like straps are ideally designed to prevent chafing and denting on the shoulder.

With these brand components uncovered, Psyche hopes to introduce the contemporary woman to a world of lingerie never experienced before.

“A world where Fashion, Innovation, and Technique meet,” she describes. “A world where your most intimate products support, enhance, and slim you. [A world of] freedom, security, beauty and comfort through exquisite designs, the softest fabrics, and the most cutting-edge performance.” It is the world of Inspire Psyche Terry, a mythological desire brought to life through inspiration.

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