Retail Advice: Good Lighting and Sales


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Above: Teddies for Bettys.

“How has good lighting influenced you in purchasing a product?”

by Joy Menon

Good lighting is always crucial, especially when your product is on the line, as well as your brand’s value in its first impression. Lighting is even more powerful in its all too familiar environment: retail.

Musee Lingerie

Each area in your store requires special attention when it comes to lighting and it has a powerful impact on customers, sales and surprisingly, your team.

Good Lighting and Sales

Below are three key areas in your store to focus on when choosing light, so that first impression is unforgettable in the most positive way.

Fitting Room

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Sales are made in the fitting room and in a lingerie store, the fitting room can sometimes be the most intimidating and vulnerable place for a woman.

Lighting should be tailored around these details, so the environment is inviting, flattering and your customer spends more time trying on pieces with ease. Assure the bulbs don’t generate too much heat, which could be uncomfortable, as well as damaging to your product.

For example, LED’s are a great option. They may be more expensive, but they are also long lasting and don’t overheat. The color of your product should translate seamlessly from the sales floor to the fitting room as well. This will avoid any hesitation in the shopping experience or lost sales due to inaccurate color interpretations.

Sales Floor

Petticoat Fair

Above: Petticoat Fair.

The sales floor is home to your product displays and also sets the stage for your team. Lighting can create drama and highlight details, while also communicating either a fresh, clean image or an outdated one to your customer.

Is your ambient lighting emphasizing and communicating the message you want?

Choosing the wrong lighting for your sales floor can also have your staff feeling tired, strained or even overheated, which is not conducive to sales. Dimmer switches can be significantly economical and help create a soft, luxurious look that is also easy on the eyes. Being mindful of these key points will keep your product looking its best and your team alert and efficient.

Entrance and Exterior

a la mode intimates Celebrates 12 Years

Above: a la mode Intimates.

Aside from the safety aspect of lighting for the entrance of your store, it’s also the first area the customer visually feels drawn to. Similarly, displays and graphics also require proper accent lighting that will enhance their beauty and increase their visibility. Are you able to read your store’s name from a distance? Any lighting used in exterior signage should clearly highlight and complement the store’s name.

Azaleas West Side Store

Above: Azaleas NYC.

In conclusion, details matter and light plays a big part in creating impact and ambiance for your customer and your team. Whether it’s your store, tradeshow booth or online presence, don’t let bad lighting make your brand lose its value. It’s an easy adjustment that can be very profitable in the long run when used correctly.

How has good lighting influenced you in purchasing a product?