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Hanky Panky

“What’s your favorite CURVE memory?”

“Our favorite CURVE memories spans from coast-to-coast. It begins at CURVELASVEGAS when a young woman ran into our booth lifted up her skirt and flashed her Hanky Panky low-rise thong. She ran in as quickly as she ran out and all with a big smile!” JD Breen-Chalme, Hanky Panky’s Director of Visual and Branding. “This is followed by a second memory at CURVENEWYORK when Shirley Bobbins, Hanky Panky’s first rep did the Hanky Panky Handshake. She pulled out the waistband of her panties from the top of her trousers. Shirley was in her late 80s at the time and proudly did her own version of the Hanky Panky Handshake. These memories are the epitome of the brand because it really shows the playful nature of our brand at any size range and any age. – Hanky Panky for All.

Hanky Panky at CURVENY

Above: the Hanky Panky booth at CURVENEWYORK.

“CURVE has always been a great place to interface with our customers in person and garner feedback. We love to receive more information about our Hanky Panky collections and what’s going on in the retail world at the store level.” – JD Breen-Chalme, Hanky Panky.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing brands’ favorite memories of attending CURVENEWYORK and CURVELASVEGAS and Hanky Panky’s is certainly the most memorable! For the upcoming February 2017 shows, the iconic lingerie brand is getting ready to share new collections with retailers and press and celebrate their own 40th anniversary.

Hanky Panky After Midnight® presents Ziegfeld Follies Dolores

Above: Hanky Panky After Midnight® presents Ziegfeld Follies Dolores set.

“For Fall 2017, Secret Garden – a collection with a floral focus with a palette consisting of saturated colors inspired by nature. And our 40th Anniversary Collection – Hankering back to the original bra and panty set made of handkerchiefs,” said JD. “We’ll also showcase our Ziegfeld Club Collaboration Continuation: A show-stopping capsule collection is inspired by the legendary women of the Ziegfeld Follies.”

Hanky Panky at CURVENY

We’re looking forward to seeing these new additions and our readers should check back in a few weeks for new features on Secret Garden, the 40th Anniversary Collection and the Ziegfeld Club Collaboration Continuation. Buyers interested in meeting with Hanky Panky at CURVE should get email the brand for an appointment: Nadine@HankyPanky.com or Tammy@HankyPanky.com

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