Holiday 2016 Sales Guide

Seven til Midnight Holiday 2017

Above: Seven ’til Midnight Holiday Collection.

“Marketing ideas are not one-size-fits-all, however it’s great to keep an open mind and think HOW you can make something work for your business.”

By Joy Menon, founder of

As a busy professional and mom, I slowly began my holiday shopping in September to avoid crowded malls, long lines, limited selection and have more time to actually relax and enjoy the season. Working in advance has always been one of the many key ingredients to being successful and staying sane. However, what if you missed out on prepping your business early for the holiday season? Not to worry.

Below are some great ways to boost sales online and in-store.

Generate Momentum

Vanilla Night & Day AW16/17 collection

Above: from Vanilla Night & Day’s Snowflake Collection.

Whether it’s a fun holiday countdown or a mobile only promotion, momentum gets your customer excited, coming back for more. Gather your team and get a little personal, sharing holiday plans and favorite pieces. Let your customers share their stories too. Customers appreciate brands that they can identify and connect with. Opening the doors to your business and its dynamics adds a personal touch. The opportunities are endless so be creative, especially with social media.

Product Testimonials

Curvy Couture Flawless Lace

Above: Curvy Couture’s Flawless Lace Smoother.

Product reviews and testimonials are a wonderful way to spread the holiday cheer. Excitement is contagious and when someone is happy with a purchase, that feeling can really make a difference to someone insecure about buying. Don’t let indecision be the reason why someone doesn’t experience your offering.

Focus on Loyal Customers

Parfait SS17 Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra and Brazilian Thongin Cameo Rose

Above: Parfait Lingerie SS17.

Generating new business can sometimes overpower nurturing and developing existing business. Your existing customer base has been with you through thick and thin so remember to reward them with VIP treatment and privileges. Everyone wants to feel special and the holidays are the best time to indulge.

Fitting Guides

Clarity and communication are vital in sales. Have a clear fitting guide set in place. Images and videos are powerful, especially showcasing various body shapes to help your customer visualize how the piece will look.


Knicker Luxe Packaging

Above: Knicker Luxe.

Many times I will buy just because the packaging is so beautiful. Holiday packaging and presentation is so important. It adds the finishing touch and unique flair that completes the purchasing experience. It also boosts your brand. When you treat your product delicately, in stunning packaging it suddenly communicates that it’s special and unique, increasing its value. Treat it ordinary and it suddenly loses importance visually. Remember that beautiful packaging can also apply to gift cards.

Marketing ideas are not one-size-fits-all, however it’s great to keep an open mind and think HOW you can make something work for your business.

What plan does your business have in place for the holidays?