Holiday SEO Tips For Lingerie Businesses

by Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson is a online copywriter and lingerie columnist. She can be found blogging at her website or on working on her goal of filling up an entire closet with lingerie on Twitter @fullfigurechest.

The holidays are almost here, which means it’s time to get your lingerie business ready for lots of extra attention and traffic! Lots of lingerie business owners see the holidays as the craziest time of the year – as a result, lots of marketing and social media opportunities get lost in the chaos. By doing some simple setup, you can make your holiday season more profitable and more pleasant. Read on to discover 7 easy things you can do to improve your profits and your peace of mind this season!

7 Holiday SEO Tips For Lingerie Businesses

1. Put time and effort into seasonal photography.

Holiday SEO Tips Q-T Intimates Olivia

Above: Q-T Intimates.

For some businesses this means creating original imagery, but there are also some basics you need to check while you’re putting up products. For instance, plus size lingerie will always sell better when represented by images of plus size models. If you’re using a core size model as a placeholder for a listing, make sure to change it out – even if it’s just the generic image that the wholesaler provides.

If you don’t have appropriate images, you may have to create them. Get double the use out of your images by creating holiday themed ones that work for both Instagram and your website. Keep in mind that lingerie doesn’t have to be displayed on models. If you don’t have a great model image, lingerie can be draped, hung and displayed attractively against a holiday appropriate background. This can also be a great opportunity to mix product types, like lingerie and bath and body products.

2. Make a social media plan, including any hashtags associated with contests, giveaways or campaigns.

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“By doing some simple setup, you can make your holiday season more profitable and more pleasant.”

Giveaways are great over the holidays, but they need to work in tandem with a solid social media plan. Sketch out a rough content plan for each week leading up to New Year’s Eve and then decide how to effectively execute that plan over multiple social media platforms and your email list. If you can, link your content up with a hashtag that is uniquely yours so customers can follow your content easily across multiple platforms.

3. Make a smart and short keyword list for your holiday marketing.

Keywords will dictate much of your marketing strategy, which means that they need to be both relevant and reasonable. Don’t try to optimize for “lingerie” or “sexy lingerie” – it’s just too big a category to see much movement for the average boutique.

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Instead, think about what your audience is really looking for. What do you offer that makes you unique in your local area? Who are you really targeting? What kinds of customers might discover you over the holiday and become loyal future customers? Also, remember that your keywords will be used for everything from product descriptions to Google and Facebook ads, so try not to make them too crazy.

4. Implement keywords early.

Google doesn’t crawl your website instantly, so make sure that you change your copy to include your holiday keywords as early as possible. Reinforce these keywords with topical blogs that mirror the same keyword list, so Google can pick up on your priorities as quickly as possible.

5. Don’t forget about keywords for specific searches, e.g. “red babydoll”, etc.

NK iMODE Annabella Miss Behave Chemise

Above: NK iMODE Annabella Miss Behave Chemise.

When you are creating new product descriptions or revising old ones, think about the types of things that your customer would actually search for. At a minimum, all descriptions should include the color and the type of item, as well as technical information like whether it has underwires or not. Fabric content is also good to include, if you have the space.

6. Avoid “sexy” if at all possible.

The “sexy lingerie” category of Google has been shifting lots over the past few years and generally isn’t the best space to be in if you’re an average lingerie boutique. Lots of lingerie based search engine optimization has been relying on “sexy” as a generic catch all for way too long. Again, think about who your customers actually are and what they value and optimize around that, rather than a confusing catch all category that Google doesn’t deal with particularly well.

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7. Look at where your traffic comes from and cut out social media platforms that aren’t working for you.

Realistically, you can only do so much over the holiday season. It’s impossible to manage a boutique, deal with inventory and customers and keep up 6 different social media platforms. Instead, pick and choose two or three based on actual data. Go back and check out your Google analytics – which platforms are sending you the most traffic? What did you post to create both traffic spikes and traffic lows? When you start looking at the data, it gets easier to make informed decisions about which platforms you should be putting your precious time and energy into. There’s no shame in ditching the social media services that aren’t helping you if that allows you to put more energy into the ones that are working well.