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“Washing your hosiery after every wear is the greatest treatment.” Jennifer Edgar, Eucalan.

They are a crucial part of our foundation arsenal but how many times have they been left carelessly curled in a corner or indifferently stuffed into the side of a drawer?

Yet our hosiery needs as much TLC as our prized lingerie pieces in order to give us value for money. As it’s that time of year when those discarded deniers need to be dug out and deemed fit for purpose, this is the perfect time to pledge allegiance to looking after our leg essentials.

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Even though most of our everyday hosiery can come at a disposable price, with the right care and attention, it might be surprising how even the cheapest pairs of drugstore stockings and tights can go the distance. On the flip side, it might be quite shocking to discover how quickly expensive luxury pairs of hosiery can be ruined from just one careless wash. The key, then, is ensuring that all hosiery is handled and cared for appropriately and laundering correctly plays a significant role in this.

“Hosiery is not indestructible. Nor does the cost mean they will last longer,” agrees Tim Gettler, hosiery enthusiast and US distributor of luxury hosiery name, Glamory Hosiery, a brand aimed especially at the curvier customer.

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He suggests a vital regime of appropriate care and handling, that includes washing correctly, can make the difference as to how long denier lasts, but he does recognizes the scant regard that is often given to taking care of legwear and proffers some advice.

“Unfortunately life gets in the way of properly laundering hosiery,” he says. “People are too busy to properly care for their hosiery so they usually end up in the washing machine. Even on a gentle or delicate cycle, this should never be done. You should always use a hosiery cleanser and wash by hand. Never wring them out. Just give them a gentle squeeze.”

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These sentiments are echoed by Jennifer Edgar, CEO of Eucalan, a company that specializes in delicate laundry wash that is deemed ideal for usage on intimate apparel. Eucalan is manufactured to be free from harsh detergents, bleaches, optical brighteners and other unwanted ingredients and so is ideal for laundering those items that practically live against our skin.

“Proper care will make all the difference in your long term enjoyment of your favorite pieces,” Jennifer informs. “Washing your hosiery after every wear is the greatest treatment. Washing helps the elastic go back into shape, so it’s like wearing something new every time you put them on.”

Hosiery Care: Step by Step

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“…our hosiery needs as much TLC as our prized lingerie pieces in order to give us value for money.”

As with other intimate apparel, she recommends that giving it a quick bath in her product, Eucalan, is the perfect way to lovingly clean your hosiery, and, like Tim, she suggests that hand washing is best.

“Eucalan is a great solution for hosiery care,” she states. “A simple soak and squeeze is all it takes! Fill your basin with room temperature water, add a teaspoon of Eucalan then add your hosiery. Squeeze the water and Eucalan through the fibres then let it soak for 15 minutes or so. Squeeze them again and remove from the water. Roll them in a clean dry towel and reshape, and lay flat to dry. You can trust Eucalan won’t dull the colours or strip the fibres nor will it reduce the effectiveness of elastics.”

Both Tim and Jennifer concur that thinner denier will need especially delicate manual handling even at laundry time as they are so easily damaged in the blink of an eye.

All about the Denier

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“The denier is the weight of the fineness of the yarn. 0-20 denier is considered sheer so everything above is opaque,” says Tim of Glamory Hosiery. “The lower denier number will need more care while handling and laundering.”

“The thinnest deniers are most susceptible to snags and runs,” explains Eucalan CEO Jennifer Edgar. “Be cautious washing thinner, delicate items. Take your rings off! The less you handle your finer hosiery the less opportunity for snags which can happen so easily.”

To be extra cautious, she recommends handling all densities of denier with the same integrity.

Hosiery Care: Dive Deeper

And for more information on washing and caring for your hosiery with Eucalan delicate wash visit Eucalan’s blog at https://eucalan.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/handwashing-hosiery/ where you can also find tips on how to effectively machine wash your hosiery if you need this option.

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