Influencer Spotlight: Autumn Rodriguez

Influencer Spotlight: Autumn Rodriguez
Photos by Patty Gregory

Today, we’re talking with entrepreneur, model and fashion blogger Autumn Rodriguez to showcase her growing work and to talk about her frequent creative collaborations with Seven ’til Midnight:

Autumn, thanks for joining us! I’m hoping you could tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your blogging career? What’s all about?

I was born and raise in La Mirada, California! A town in-between Los Angeles and Orange County. I have always had a passion for fashion and modeling. In high school, I gave up two athletic scholarships to pursue a career in fashion. I received my bachelors in marketing and management from AIOC. I landed my dream job at 21 years of age and started traveling back and forth to New York & Los Angeles.

I quickly moved out of my parents, started my own company & fell in love with my childhood crush (Jb)…. The rest is history. Jb and I have known each other since we were 10 years old. He was too shy to talk to me at our local Pizza place in La Mirada, California as his mother said he had a crush on me.

Influencer Spotlight: Autumn Rodriguez

We grew up with one another but have never pursued each other. We had the same group of friends, I would cheer him on at his high school football games & we even took drama class together. (he really only took the class to see me all the time)

14 years later, I am so in love with my best friend, traveling the world with him & now share a home with one another. We are so excited to share our life adventures with others via social media @GRLWITHBANGS & prove that chivalry is NOT dead. #JANDAGOONVACAY

How did you get involved with Seven ’til Midnight? What was it about the brand that drew you in?

Influencer Spotlight: Autumn Rodriguez

I was approached by a friend of mine who works with their social media. Once I saw the website and product I quickly became intrigued by the brand. I love how sexy and feminine the product makes me feel.

How have you worked with the Seven ’til Midnight team?

I have worked with the Seven ‘Til Midnight team by helping create brand awareness through my social media.

How would you suggest someone who has only thought about pairing intimate apparel with ready-to-wear? What’s the best place to start? Bodysuits?

Bodysuits is a great start! Also, if you want to be more risky- Bras with side details with a low cut arm hole tee is a great start as well (my favorite).

Influencer Spotlight: Autumn Rodriguez

How do your fans on social media react to Seven ’til Midnight pieces? Do you have a favorite reaction?

My fans loveeee it! I don’t have a favorite reaction, yet!

What’s next for you and Seven ’til Midnight?

Well, my favorite time of the year is coming up, Christmas! I love shooting their holiday outfits!

Influencer Spotlight: Autumn Rodriguez

What’s next for your blog?

That is for you to keep following and find out �

For our readers who want to follow and learn more about what you do, where should we point them to? What are all your social media links?

Check out my Instagram @grlwithbangs and our new website