Intimatology Helps Lingerie Brands Succeed

Intimatology Curvy Couture Web Design

“[Intimatology] brought the brand to life and made it understandable to the market…” – Evora Russell, Curvy Couture.

When Delta Galil was stumped on how to show new product innovation they called Intimatology founders Erin and Rich Harris. Similarly, the Harris’ were the first call Carol Stella of Champagne Corsets and Designs made when her rebranding efforts hit a wall. And when Curvy Couture’s message wasn’t matching its product quality they turned to the same trusted duo for help.

It’s been five years since Erin and Rich went into business for themselves. Last year the couple founded Intimatology, a full service digital agency that specializes in intimate apparel and legwear.

Intimatology founders Erin and Rich Harris

Above: Intimatology founders Erin and Rich Harris.

However, their roots in the industry go well beyond that—the pair met working in the intimate apparel industry, Erin as a textile designer and Rich as an inventory and receiving manager for a major accessories distribution company. Together the two moved up the ranks fine-tuning their skills in intimate apparel marketing.

So what exactly does a digital agency do for the intimate apparel industry? Rich lists off the company’s arsenal of services including branding, web design, copy writing, packaging, photography, retouching and sales collateral. From a client’s perspective Intimatology does much more than that.

Intimatology Curvy Couture Retouching

Intimatology’s services includes photography and photo retouching.

“Over time, they proved to be real partners,” says Evora Russel, vice president of sales for Curvy Couture who worked with the team on rebranding efforts. “They were more like a division of our company at the time and that’s really hard to find.”

Miriam Cohen, senior retail analyst at Delta Galil has worked with Intimatology on multiple projects. “Most recently they helped us with a need for product photography,” she says. “Like with all the projects we work on together, it was efficiently handled and executed perfectly because they are very systematic in their approach and you can see that right away, even with smaller scale projects.”

Intimatology Delta Galil Photography

“Like with all the projects we work on together, it was efficiently handled and executed perfectly…” Miriam Cohen, Delta Galil.

Intimatology’s work with Delta Galil is what lead them to their partnership with the plus size intimates brand Curvy Couture. “The reason that we went with them at the time was because they both had quite a bit of experience with intimate apparel marketing and branding,” says Russel.

Erin and Rich saw that the company’s message and product were disconnected. “The product was great but none of their marketing reflected the quality of the product,” Erin says. Intimatology gave Curvy Couture a complete overhaul and introduced a more streamlined brand.

Intimatology Delta Galil Package Design

Intimatology is proponent of 3D Photography which they feel is a powerful communication tool.

They designed a new logo. They came up with a new tag line. They rewrote copy, including naming each product. “They brought the brand to life and made it understandable to the market,” says Russel.

In the end, their work yielded the company 4,000 percent growth, online alone. “We created a modern, intuitive, mobile friendly website,” says Erin. “We redesigned and elevated all packaging and brand materials like business cards, catalogs and sales sheets to incorporate the new branding.”

Working with Clients Large and Small

Intimatology Champagne Corsets Product Photography

Champagne Corsets Product Photography

Smaller companies also receive the same attention from Intimatology founders. Stella of Champagne Corsets and Designs reached out to Erin and Rich after interviewing several local website designers for help rebranding her custom corset business.

“I explained to Erin and Rich my vision, along with the mood and image I would like my brand to portray,” she says. “They designed my logo first and then they started building my website. About once a month we set up working meetings, however Erin and Rich gave me complete access to the backend of my website where I can see the progress anytime I wanted. Within months was born.”

“We’re always finding ways to help small businesses succeed,” adds Rich. They hope to make success easy to achieve for all size companies and has geared their business model towards this. “We offer training and support so that companies can do some of what we recommend themselves. We’ve also been making various tools and guides available as free downloads, so entrepreneurs can adopt good habits and strategies without adding a lot of overhead,” he says.

Intimatology’s Secret to Success

Intimatology Champagne Corsets Responsive Web Design

Above: Champagne Corsets’ responsive website designed by Intimatology.

Over and over clients cite attention to detail as the main reason why Intimatology is so good at what they do. It all starts with what the Harris’ call a diagnostic. This in depth look at the client’s company provides them with the tools they need to make recommendations for improvement and execute those suggested changes.

“A smaller scale diagnostic would be as simple as having a conversation and answering some questionnaires,” says Erin. “A large scale diagnostic involves a much more in depth process. We call it Foundation, and it is designed to uncover specific goals, current marketing and creative efforts and their effectiveness.”

Their efforts produce results, too. With so much experience and understanding working with buyers and sales teams, The Harris’ feel confident they can give their clients the right tools to land the biggest accounts.

“Understanding the target consumers of the most coveted retailers is one of our key strategies,” Rich says. “Once brand identities are properly targeted, the messaging resonates with buyers who know their own customers, then our clients start to find it much easier to get in front of them.”

The Power of Presentation

Intimatology Champagne Corsets Responsive Design Process

Rich stresses the power of a great presentation and how cohesive sales collateral can make all the difference when it comes to closing sought after accounts. Cohen agrees. She says that internal creativity can often get stifled and turning to an agency like Intimatology can help shakes things up.

“You can get easily get bogged down with all the stuff that needs to get done in a day and not have the time to think about new ways to present something,” she says. “Nobody wants to see the same boring thing in these sales meetings. You have to bring something new to the table.”

Intimatology Blog

Intimatology shares perspective, insight and observations about the world of marketing, intimates and intimate marketing through their site’s “Articles” page.

The Harris’ are always looking for that ‘something new.’ Erin says her main focus is on what will make the client happy. They have designed a series of targeted questions to learn what that is. Erin asks clients to look forward three years and think about what goals, personally and professionally, they would like to have met.

The reaction from their clients make it clear that they are not only well on their way to achieving the goals that the Harris’ have helped them set, they are surpassing them.

“They really grew our business,” says Russel. “They held our hands through the process because we were just a private label manufacture for 20 years before launching our own brand and so coming into it from just being very green in that regard, they taught us a lot and brought us very far.”

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