Mad Mac Holiday Merchandising Tips

It’s not too late to improve on some of your Holiday displays! The Mad Mac Lingerie team give us some actionable tips you could put to use right away with their collections!

It’s all about color.

Mad and Mac photo by Jan Klier
To make your thongs stand out arrange them in color order like Ritzman did at the most recent CURVE. “It drew in so many people because people are visual,” says Harris.

Mix and Match.

Shout out to @lorettasintimates for sharing this cute display of panties in the shape of a Christmas tree!! We L❤️VE this store!! #stockingstuffers #thongs #madeindallas #softestlace #animalprintliners #usa #shoplocal

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“Mad Mac Lingerie works as a collection,” says Harris. “If you have a four-way rack put it together.” She suggests creating color stories but grouping neutrals, pastels or bright shades. “All of our items work beautifully together when presented as a collection and not just a single item.”

Showcase Crossover Items.

Pair a cute Love +Grace spring dress with a Mad Mac bralette! So cute and both are made in the USA!! #softestfabricever #softestlaceyoulleverwear #springisjustaroundthecorner #buylocal

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All of Mad Mac’s apparel has a versatile quality that makes it perfect for day to nightwear. Merchandise items with ready-to-wear staples like jeans and dresses to show customers how they can be worn both ways. “We’re from the Midwest,” she says. “People look for the value in everything they buy or do. Twenty dollars is a lot for panties so they have got to have multiple uses.”

Highlight Care Instructions.

Because the lace is specially treated it can’t go in the dryer, says Harris. All orders include an 8 ½ X 11 card with care instructions that can be displayed with the product. Be sure to have your staff members point this out to customers as they shop.

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