Mad Mac’s Secret Ingredient: Mirco-brushed Lace

Mad and Mac Lingerie Collection

“I want people to experience the touch, experience the feel and experience the fit of Mad Mac Lingerie.” – Rita Harris.

Mad Mac Founder Rita Harris wants you to take the lace challenge. She’s confident the micro-brushed lace that she developed for the collection will out shine that of the competition.

The lace, which is exclusive to the company, is made in America using a machine that lightly brushes the underside of the fabric. This process makes the lace soft and not scratchy, a common complaint about others on the market, says Co-designer and Head of Production Sue Ritzman. “Many of our customers say it’s like they’re wearing nothing at all,” she adds.

mad mac lingerie detail

Photo by Jan Klier.

Harris boasts a strong background in the intimate apparel industry, which includes working with Neiman Marcus, first as a buyer and then in development. She says this has helped her create a brand that stands alone in the market. “You have to set yourself apart,” she says. “Everyone is doing a lace thong, they are a staple in everyone’s line. I looked to see how we can make it better.”

With that, Harris set to work creating a superior thong. She turned to the people closest to her, her daughters, for their input. “One of my daughters hated anything scratchy,” she says. “The micro-brushing makes it super soft on the inside.”

mad and mac lingerie

Photo by Jan Klier.

Developing this unique treatment for the lace was an investment for Harris. She worked directly with a lace manufacturer to perfect the brushing technique. He offered to pay for half of the costs of new machinery if she covered the rest of the bill. “I felt it could set us apart,” she adds.

Mad Mac Lingerie

Harris says her efforts are paying off as customers really can tell the difference, and are responding well to the feel of their lace. Harris calls this the Mad Mac Experience, something she likens to a blind taste test of popular soda or spaghetti sauce brands you commonly see take place in television commercials.

Often in meetings with buyers, Harris will have clients feel two lace thongs and identify which one is the softest. She says people are always in awe when they feel the difference. “This is what I want against my body,” one retailer told her feeling the Mad Mac thong.

Mad Mac photo by Jan Klier

Photo by Jan Klier.

“I want people to experience the touch, experience the feel and experience the fit of Mad Mac Lingerie,” says Harris.

In today’s market Harris understands the importance of telling a story and creating an experience for customers to allow them to genuinely connect with her brand. Micro-brushed lace is part of the Mad Mac experience. “Once they wear it they are a customer for life,” she says.

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