Managing Social Media Overload


Managing Social Media Overload FOXERS Instagram

How do you tackle social media overload in your business?

Taking a step back can be daunting and almost impossible when you’ve been going at full speed as a business or brand. However, when social media becomes truly overwhelming to the point of blocking and affecting your content or even triggering depression and anxiety, then it’s definitely time to step away and reflect.

I recently read reactions regarding a brand that chose to break away from social media due to intense social media overload. Upon returning and explaining their absence, while introducing a fresh site and new range, many followers were unsympathetic and enraged.

Managing Social Media Overload

Being completely absent for months after constant content and suddenly asking for the sale can negatively impact your established relationships. Below are some actionable tips on how to mindfully unplug from social media, while staying professional.

Delegate and assign:

If possible, find a trusted source to continue interacting with your followers and producing content. Create a social media schedule so that your followers don’t miss your content while you’re away. Apps are great to inexpensively plan and organize. If you are the single source of interaction and content with absolutely no budget, then reach out to your followers in advance and advise them on your short break and new plans. If you have an idea of when you’ll return, let them know. Communication always creates clarity and prevents misunderstandings.

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Unplugging is good for your mind and creativity.

Stay positive:

Avoid blaming others for your need to unplug. Blaming the industry and specific brands or people just makes you seems unprofessional. Take ownership for your decision, realize it’s nobody’s choice but yours and it’s ok. Remember that particular industry and those contacts probably influenced your success and your professional journey. Don’t forget the source of your beginnings.

Be prepared:

Not everyone will respond in a positive light. There are many who find negatives in everything. Be aware of that and realize that you did your part and followed through. Don’t let negative feedback hold you back from your brand’s next phase. Move forward and be amazing.

In conclusion, your state of mind influences whatever you communicate to your followers and clients. Unplugging is good for your mind and creativity. Take a break if you feel it’s necessary. Great things cannot come from a toxic foundation.