Meet Amanda Petriello of Wonderform Intimates

Meet Amanda Petriello of Wonderform Intimates

Meet Amanda Petriello, a woman quickly gaining attention for her contributions to one of the fastest growing online brands, Wonderform Intimates. Last month we introduced you to the Wonderform Intimates online collection, and their popular bralette. This month we caught up with the director of product development and marketing, and the force behind the growing website and expanding in-house brand of affordable quality garments.

In this role, Amanda lends a fresh perspective and a passion for seeking out newness. When she joined the team in 2014, it was important to her that the veteran private label manufacturer stay relevant in a changing industry, and she was up for the task of leading the change.

Meet Amanda Petriello of Wonderform Intimates

Amanda is more than just the one responsible for forging the business ahead; she is the second generation of family at the helm. Originally founded in 1949, Amanda’s dad, Gerry Petriello, took over the company in 1990.

Over the next 25 years, while he grew the company’s private label business, Amanda was taking note—at first as a five-year-old visiting her dad at work (She says she proudly asked for fair wages for her work in the factory: $1 per hour.) and later on as a college student working part time and during holiday breaks.

Meet Amanda Petriello of Wonderform Intimates

After graduation Amanda did not run right to Wonderform’s for a job. “I didn’t want to just work there because it was there,” she says. “When the opportunity came to start working, I knew that if I didn’t go elsewhere I would regret it.” She says it was helpful to carve out her own path—earning an MBA and five years of experience working for a large toy company on its brand development.

Then, in 2014, Amanda took the opportunity to officially sign on at Wonderform’s. She joined her mother, who works on the accounting and finance side, and her father, who remains president of the company. Because she’d been around the business her whole life, it all clicked into place right away. She may work side-by-side with her parents during the week, but after business hours they are quick to turn off work-related topics and focus on their time together. “It’s important to me that our relationship isn’t just about work,” she says. “It can wait till Monday.”

Wonderform Intimates Gorgeous Front Close Lace Bra backview

Above: Wonderform Intimates Gorgeous Front Close Lace Bra.

She says that because of the changes occurring in the industry, she knew this was the right time to come work for the business. “I looked at the industry trend towards online,” she says. “Brick-and-mortar stores were closing their doors and we saw a shift towards online happening.”

The 69-year-old brand was ready for change, and Amanda was the right person to lead the team. With her background in product development and branding, she was able to develop a new collection and manage the creation of a new website. She knew from the start that marketing an online-only collection of intimates would have its hurdles, but she was positive that it could work. “When women find a bra they like they tend to stick with it,” she says. While the site is still young, Amanda has already noticed that customers often buy the same bra in multiple colors at the same time, even on their first purchase.

Wonderform Intimates Glamorous Jacquard Sweetheart Corset

Above: Wonderform Intimates Glamorous Jacquard Sweetheart Corset.

Amanda’s contributions to the business have been invaluable. She’s developed a brand message that is approachable and friendly. For example, she chose white as the main colors for the website to keep the overall look soft. “I didn’t want it in your face,” she says. “That isn’t who we are.” Amanda also personally selected each model for the line. “It was really important to me that we didn’t choose size zero models,” she says. “I wanted someone who is a better representation of the average woman.”

Outside of work Amanda is a self-proclaimed foodie. Much like her professional attitude, when it comes to dining she is always up for trying something new.

Meet Amanda Petriello of Wonderform Intimates

Seeing the website take off, and the brand grow has been one of her largest professional accomplishments. “I’ve had my hand in everything,” she says. “It took a while, and some of the stuff I had to go out there, learn and get it done.”

Amanda didn’t just get it done; she got it done with a bang. Looking at the finished product, Amanda says she’s proud to see the company’s message shine through in this new platform. “We understand the industry and we support women,” she adds. “When a customer says, ‘Finally, a bra that fits!’ That’s why we do what we do, and we want to build on that.”

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