MyPlushCloset: Spotlight

MyPlushCloset: Spotlight

When we are talking about shopping, it’s definitely not easy being a full figured woman. Not many stores offer sets that fit you, and it’s even more distressing trying to find beautiful pieces in a bigger size. Thinking about this difficulties, My Plush Closet was created. The subscription box helps you have the best experience and receive in your home, every three months, the most adorable pieces from many great brands.

Sharon Waples, CMO of My Plush Closet, talked with The Lingerie Journal about the service, the benefits and everything the team do to ensure the best for the women who subscribe to, the Plushettes.

PLUSH Q&A with Sharon Waples, CMO, My Plush Closet,

Could you tell our readers who might not be familiar with Plush, what you’re all about?

Plush is an online lingerie (bra and panty set) subscription service that caters to plus size women 36 DD to 44 H.

Why did you want to start a subscription service versus an online or brick and mortar boutique? How did you start?

Well, three of the founders are plus size women; we were well versed in the trepidation of going to brick and mortar boutiques and getting poor service or not finding items to fit at all. With a subscription service, we are handpicking, curating the sets for our Plushettes. In doing that, we will introduce them to bra and panty styles they may have felt were not for them in the past. We want them to feel that what you wear underneath sets the tone for what you wear above. Additionally, the hard work-finding brands that have sexy and supportive bras for the full figured woman- is done by us; our subscriber doesn’t have to do any thing except wait for that pretty purple box to arrive!

MyPlushCloset: Spotlight

What’s the story and inspiration behind the name, Plush?

Plush is plus size + lush. A Plush woman is a woman who has a full life: career, family, interests. She’s not afraid to be herself and pursue the things she loves. We want to show that just because you’re a certain size doesn’t mean that you can’t be sexy and confident. Plush is about the fullness of life.

What was it about the brands your currently stocking that drew you to them? What kind of customer feedback have you received?

We just shipped out our first set of boxes from our launch, so no feedback as of yet. We are anxious and excited to get box opening pictures from our customers to share on our social media sites.

As for brands, we currently use Curvy Couture, but will expand with each mail out. Curvy Couture was a hands-down easy choice. All 3 of the female founders tried the brand. They have a multitude of styles and offered a large size range. Perfect partnership!

Could you tell us about your Philosophy? How exactly are you building a community?

Our philosophy is redefining sexy- appeal for the everyday woman. Plus size women don’t have to choose support over style; Plush is the medium to which you will have both to throw in your lingerie chest!

We are building a community by putting that face of the everyday woman-us- with our brand. Yes, broadcast about things from the plus size perspective to both empower and make that plus size woman who is sitting at home feeling less than, break out

MyPlushCloset: Spotlight

What’s next for Plush?

WORLD DOMINATION, ha! Of course to grow our subscriber base is primary. In the Fall we’ll have our first Girls Night In events (in person bra fittings). Following that, move into plus size swimwear and workout gear, an in house designed and manufactured lingerie line and a mens’ boxer line, and lastly open our own Plush stores.

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