New Year, New Opportunities

collage vintage NK iMODE

Above: Fashion Blogger Sara of Collage Vintage wearing NK iMODE.

“The secret for a great visual merchandising strategy is to be always dynamic.”

by Joy Menon

Whether it’s on a professional or personal level, another new year provides a blank canvas for us to make a fresh start and lasting impact. Take an honest look at the past year with its achievements and missed opportunities.

Did your business leave a lasting impression?
Did your branding effectively communicate the value of your offerings?

If you’re not completely satisfied, now is the perfect time for change.

Many professionals hesitate on investing in themselves and their business, because they feel it may not be necessary. However, investing in essential tools for your business translates into progress and profit.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the team at NK iMODE, an online brand offering silk nightwear to clients worldwide. Below are some great ways to prepare for an amazing, profitable new year.

1. Develop your company’s Visual Presentation

Trashy Diva Intimates NKiMODE

Above: NK iMODE at Trash Diva Intimates.

This is key in setting yourself apart from others, as well as staying relevant in the industry.

NK iMODE shared that, “The loungewear industry is moving fast, it is competitive and especially is getting more social. Knowing that 85 percent of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously and the emotions play an important role, we believe that proper visual merchandising is paramount to stand out from your competitors.”

Hermosa Lingerie NKiMODE display

Above: Hermosa Lingerie window display.

As an online boutique, impacting visual presentation is even more vital. “In case of an online store, images and great product descriptions are the most important elements in your visual merchandising strategy. The front page is playing the same role as your ‘window displays’. Each product page plays the role of your floor plan.”

NK iMODE Gilda Illusion Long Peignoir

Above: NK iMODE Gilda Illusion Long Peignoir.

NK iMODE also stated, “The secret for a great visual merchandising strategy is to be always dynamic. We believe that the visual merchandising efforts are more important in online stores because in this case, we don’t have support from any sales associate. Having all the images of every product angle is important for a customer to view, as well as a close-up option to read the details.“

2. Success is Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

Flirt Boutique NK iMODE

Above: NK iMODE at Flirt Boutique.

For NK iMODE, “The main tools are having the right team and management, customer service expertise, as well as a killer visual merchandising strategy. It is important to focus on customer service. The difference between a first time customer and a repeated customer is their experience in your store.

One of the most influential factors is personalized service.“ Communication is also essential for your business’ success. “It’s vital to have team meetings regularly — especially before a big event and any special sales. A discussion needs to be had on store sales targets, associates’ specific goals and roles, and how to handle the increase in traffic and customer inquiries. This will help them prepare for when the crazy days come.”

3. Invest Time in your Marketing Strategy

Lingerie Addiction NK iMODE

Above: Lingerie Addiction.

Map out your strategy and use it wisely. NK iMODE shared, “Having a social media presence, backed by influencers drives traffic to our site. This also gives us credibility and shows the product in various ways and channels to influence our customers to purchase. This gives them the extra push and reassurance that our silks are good quality and that we have excellent customer service to make them feel special.”

NK iMODE Annabella Miss Behave Chemise

Above: NK iMODE Annabella Miss Behave Chemise.

Upon visiting the NK iMODE website, I fell in love with their range. The luxurious look and feel of their pieces is perfectly captured in their imagery. I especially appreciate the versatility and timeless quality of loungewear for gift giving. “Pajama sets are a great alternative if a loungewear giver is unsure about sizing. They are comfy and usually stretchy to accommodate many body shapes. A classic robe is another option that anyone will love to have because it keeps the receiver covered and warm.“

In conclusion, ask yourself how you can raise the bar or try a different approach to the usual systems set in place. Invest in yourself and your company’s growth by consulting with experts. They open your eyes to new options and solutions that give you the most ROI.

Make it a point to learn from the best and it will definitely show.

How will you upgrade your business today?

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