Nina Parker Curvy Couture Collaboration

Nina Parker wearing Curvy Coutour's Tulip Lace Push-Up Bra

Nina Parker wants women to start a new bra relationship with Curvy Couture. The actress is teaming up with the full bust specialist for a month-long campaign designed to inform and inspire her fans on the importance of proper bra fit.

“I have had a really hard time my whole life finding bras that fit my nice voluptuous boobs properly…but with Curvy Couture I’ve really found bras that make me feel like I’m not even wearing a bra. And I have to hook my girls up!” explained Nina in a recent video announcing the collaboration.

Each week, the campaign features weekly doses of bra inspiration, real talk and giveaways. The hook up Nina mentioned in her video? That’s a 20% off discount code (NINA20) customers can use on the Curvy Couture site throughout the month.

“We’re encouraging everyone on social media to be part of our journey with Curvy Couture. Start your new bra relationship with Nina Parker & Curvy Couture!” added the brand’s Summer Rose. “Finding the perfect fit will change your life. Tune into every Friday for a new giveaway and be sure to use the hashtag #CurvyInspired to enter.”

Nina and Curvy Couture fans may be wondering how this collaboration got off the ground. Summer explained, that “Surprisingly, the relationship started in a very organic way. Nina reached out to us after seeing one of her girlfriends wearing a Curvy Couture Strapless Bra. After struggling with a lifetime of bra dysfunction she was stunned to see a strapless bra actually supporting a curvy girl. We sent her bras to try and the rest was history!”

Nina and Curvy Couture’s #curvyinspired message is already reaching the masses — Nina was spotted live on USA Today and featured in Modern Wellness Guide talking about the importance of boosting confidence.

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