Oh La La Cheri’s Cynthia Herbst

Cynthia Herbst, Oh La La Cheri's Vice President of Sales

An avid runner, Cynthia Herbst says her marathon experience helped shape her outlook on business saying it’s always important to push yourself, to push through preconceived notions of what you should be doing or where you should be.

Cynthia Herbst, Oh La La Cheri’s new Vice President of Sales, sees a way to help lingerie retailers improve their business — product differentiation.

Without this key element, Cynthia warns, boutiques stand to lose out on attracting new customers.

The solution? A brand like Oh La La Cheri.

“What I love about [Oh La La Cheri] is the versatility, the sharp price point, and the craftsmanship.” said Cynthia. “We have over 150 styles and colors and offer sizes that range from small to size 4X.”

Oh La La Cheri

Her mission as Oh La La Cheri’s new VP of Sales is to grow the brand and showcase its collections to even more retailers.

She also wants to share her knowledge and experience with her customers.

Cynthia notes that speciality retailers can boost their relationship with customers by improving customer service.

Oh La La Cheri Charlotte Bodysuit

“What I love about [Oh La La Cheri] is the versatility, the sharp price point, and the craftsmanship.” – Cynthia Herbst.

“I think that over the years, the experience in larger stores has been lackluster,” explains Cynthia. “Many times when consumers, including myself, go into a store there really isn’t a sales associate there to help you or to educate you or to share any of the key attributes of a product.”

“So, from a customer service stand point, I think that by delivering the great fashion look, the great price point and again, the quality, helps the retailer speak to their customer – our customer – together.”

Cynthia comes to Oh La La Cheri from three amazing brands — Eberjey (National Sales Manager), Ralph Lauren (Senior Account Executive) and Levi Strauss & Co. (National Account Manager).Oh La La Cheri

What attracted her to work with Oh La La Cheri was the brand’s energy, it’s founder’s (Nicolas Attard) vision and the growth potential.

“One of the things about working for a smaller brand is that it is very entrepreneurial. You’re involved in the entire the supply chain from design, production to operations. Most importantly, you’re able to have a voice,” said Cynthia. “Nicolas has tremendous leadership capabilities. He wants to hear what everyone has to say and encourages all members of the team for feedback. So that’s a real plus.”

The world of intimate apparel was also a life-long draw for Cynthia as well.

“Through the years, I’ve worked in Kids and Men’s which I loved, but I always wanted to get into Women’s and lingerie,” said Cynthia. “Lingerie is very much on trend and helps send a subliminal message out that women are confident, that they’ve empowered themselves and they accept who they are. That they’re willing to show it and not be bashful. I think that’s an important message that’s working itself more and more to the surface.”

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