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“You have to focus on content that evokes emotion and peeks their interest.” Kristoffer John Cardona, Parfait.

If you own a business, chances are you have a blog established for it. It’s no secret that blogging is the best place to share exciting company news and new products, and to help drive traffic to your website. But what if your blog went beyond that?

“The majority of the industry has a blog that’s used to share updates, photo shoots and other exciting things,” says Kristoffer John Cardona head of marketing for Parfait Lingerie. “But that’s not providing relevant information for today’s market.”

This was the same formula that Parfait Lingerie followed for their blog. Last October, Cardona set out to change that—he re-launched the blog to include more topics outside the realm of lingerie that would provide real and useful information for the company’s customers.

“The majority of women think about bras when they are getting ready in the morning and that’s it,” he says. “If we bombard them with information about bras they will stop listening to us. We believe you can’t build trust with consumers and retail partners if you’re just shoving product in their face. It doesn’t work. You have to focus on content that evokes emotion and peeks their interest.”

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For Parfait Lingerie customers that means lifestyle tips and articles on fashion and beauty, travel and relationships. “5 Simple Tips For Gorgeous Glowing Skin This Summer” and “10 Packing and Traveling Tips Every Woman Should Know” are the typical titles that customers of the lingerie brand will find when they visit the page.

“Before we launched the new blog we did a ton of research and honed in on our audience and what topics resonated with them,” Cardona says. Their average reader is between the ages of 20 and 40. She is just starting her life, getting to know herself or maybe even beginning to care for an aging parent. “Our content talks to them,” he says.

This departure from the typical self-promoting formula has increased traffic and page views on Parfait Lingerie’s blog. “We have 6.6 page views and the time spent on our site is close to seven minutes,” Cardona says. “People are actually reading our blog and bouncing around from article to article.”

Parfait Blog

“According to Cardona the most important part of starting and maintaining a successful blog is getting to know your readers first.”

Parfait Blog Goes Beyond Lace

Covering lingerie on the blog is still important and Cardona says topics like bra fitting and style suggestions take up about 10 to 20 percent of the overall content. When they do cover product Cardona says they also feature other companies, not just Parfait. For example, a list of the top five best T-shirt bras for summer may only include one option from their own collection. Cardona says this is to give customers a better view of the industry as a whole.

The Parfait Blog posts one to two new articles each day in order to continually engage readers. “In any relationship communication is important—not just communicating when you want to, but all the time,” says Cardona. The company has a designated staff that works on the blog and also works with contributors in other fields, such as weddings and beauty, to include more insightful information on topics outside of their own expertise.

Parfait Blog

Growing Readership

According to Cardona the most important part of starting and maintaining a successful blog is getting to know your readers first. “Understanding your audience is the number one key to avoiding mistakes,” he says. “Don’t write any articles without knowing who your target audience is.”

Over the last six months this formula has proven to be successful for the company. “Since we’ve launched we’ve seen a 1,500 percent increase in traffic to our site,” says Cardona. “Potential retail partners have found us and it’s driving consumer awareness.” Not only that, but the blog helps to dissuade some of the negative connotation that “lingerie” is sexy all the time. “The content allows women to feel empowered and to look good in what they are wearing everyday.”

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