Pin Me Up: Retrofuturism (Lesson 9)

Pin Me Up Retrofuturism (Lesson 9)

Wearing the Alice Crop Top and matching high waist Knickers by Maude Nibelungen. Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.

*Retrofuturism (adjective retrofuturistic or retrofuture) is a trend in the creative arts showing the influence of depictions of the future produced in an earlier era. If “futurism is sometimes called a ‘science’ bent on anticipating what will come, retrofuturism is the remembering of that anticipation” (source: wikipedia)

For this column I teamed up with independent designer Maude Nibelungen who is based in Montreal, Canada. In her own words, Maude was “Taught by her grandmother, who was her role model and she started knitting when she was five. Needing to find an artistic outlet, she tried out different mediums before settling down. After attending a rigid catholic high school with the sole purpose of learning English and leaving the countryside. Later on, she studied History and Religion Anthropology. Her desire to understand the human nature that often feels surreal and questionable never left her upon graduating. Her first collections are based around mythology and anthropology. Her newer collections are more personal, including her passion for the subjects previously mentioned and they are a piece of her soul.”

Officially since 2010 Maude has been turning her demons into knitwear. Knitting allows her to experiment within a wide range of texture possibilities; matter and anti-matter dancing on the skin. Pattern writing involves a lot of mathematics which is also a great interest of hers.

Pin Me Up Retrofuturism (Lesson 9)

As part of our collaboration I chose: the Alice Crop Top and matching high waist Knickers in jet black. This was an obvious choice to me, because I was looking to create an edgier look for this column. Jason and I decided to head back to the Los Angeles River and its Brutalistic architecture. I previously shot at this location back in January for Pin Me Up (Lesson 4) with Heidi Calvert. I really wanted a sense of emptiness around me, futurism, as well as the element of water. A mix between the bygone era and the future, which I believe represents Maude’s brand and myself so well. I feel like we are both creative beings with retro influences, but we are very much into the future too. She says and I quote: “ Our work is all about balance; between traditional techniques and modern, timeless designs. We value craftsmanship and refined materials. Our pieces should last you a lifetime. “

I love paradoxes and sci-fi movies are my absolute favorite ones, therefore this column is titled “Retrofuturism.”

Some of my favorite Sci-Fi heroines are Sigourney Weaver in Alien and Charlize Theron in Mad Max Fury Road. At first I wanted to do a shoot that would be really badass and extremely feminist, as I felt like this was the story behind the Alice set. But at the same time I felt like I would have omitted the softness and delicate characteristics of the custom knit set I was wearing. This set was made by hand with love and had nothing to do with heroines I was looking to channel. So instead of showing myself as rough, I decided to express my vulnerability and femininity. Chicago based hairstylist Lillian Dion reached out to me the day of my shoot to do a 1930s finger waves hairstyle on me in collaboration with Miss Rockabilly Ruby whom I have known for years. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as I feel the hairdo they did on me was the perfect contrast to Maude’s Alice knit set. I added a strapless bra from Curvy Couture Intimates, did a vampy makeup look, put on 5 inches black heels, added some coconut oil on my body and voila.

Pin Me Up Retrofuturism (Lesson 9)

I didn’t want to add any jewelry, or accessories to this look, as I feel it would distract from its beauty. Lately my love for the minimalist aesthetic has been growing, as I feel it really brings the attention to the subject. The Alice knit set is super comfortable to put on and it felt like second skin right away. I wore a size 14 for the top,but I could have easily sized down with the top, as I like the top to be tighter usually. The knickers were size 12 and they felt comfortable and form fitted. The size of my tummy always fluctuates, so I love to wear form fitted pieces that don’t suffocate that part of my body.

I appreciated the fact that I could breathe through the garments I wore.

Maude offers sizes 1 through 14, but she also offers custom pieces and she prides herself in adapting her designs to the needs of her clients. I have always loved personalization since I was little and that’s exactly what Maud proposes. The Alice Crop Top costs $175 and the Alice Knickers are worth $175 dollars as well. A total cost of $350 for a set that is made to your measurements and completely unique to you and timeless.

The Alice crop top is a sleeveless with a ribbed elastic underbust and mock neck. It is described as a boudoir piece that can easily be included in everyday wear. You know I have a thing for lingerie as outerwear, so I immediately loved that about that top. The Alice Knickers are highwaisted, with an open knit and a tightly knit gusset. Both pieces are offered in the following colors: black, navy with black elastic, pink with silver elastic, pink with gold elastic and pink with black elastic.

Pin Me Up Retrofuturism (Lesson 9)

One last word about this Editorial being entirely shot in black and white.

I chose to have all the photos in black and white as they perfectly emulated Maude’s spirit and my own. When I wore this set I felt sexy, feminine and strong at the same time. I also felt like I will be proud to look at these photos when I am much older, as they are timeless.

All photos by : Jason Kamimura Photography.

*Get the look:

-The Alice Crop Top:
-The Alice Knickers:
– Strapless Sensation Multi Way Push Up Bra by Curvy Couture Intimates:

*For more information visit Maude’s website by clicking the link here:

Thank you for reading and remember to always own who you are and celebrate your curves.