Serpent Lane Lingerie Boutique

Serpent Lane Owner and Models

“I wanted Serpent Lane to be a place where women could shop for more risqué lingerie and feel normal while doing it.” – Christina Grance.

At Serpent Lane, we strive to create a shopping experience that is inclusive of all women and simultaneously makes them feel safe AND excited to explore lingerie. I created my website after having been teaching for 11 years a form of feminine movement that uses pole dancing and exotic dance to connect women to their bodies and their sexuality in a way that’s both soulful, fun, and free of shame. In the class we use lingerie as a way to discover what clothing makes us feel sexy. Emphasis on what feels good rather than what looks good. Out of that exploration with my students, I decided I wanted to open up my own online lingerie boutique, because I was turned off by online sites that didn’t create an experience of inclusivity and body positivity. Too many sites I looked at either felt too trashy, too vanilla, or depicted women in away that didn’t align with my personal values of elevating women and the female body. – Christina Grance.

A look at Serpent Lane

Serpent Lane

Owner: Christina Grance
Email: serpentlane[at]

Serpent Lane’s Customer Service Philosophy

How can I help you and how can I make it better for you? It always come’s back to that.

Serpent Lane

“A playful boutique for all your pole dance clothing and classic lingerie desires”

Serpent Lane’s Social Media Approach

Our primary social media account is Instagram. Instagram is the brand’s story of sensuality and sexuality as something that is relatable, fun and sometimes a little provocative.

List of Brands at Serpent Lane

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