Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

“Using Eucalan to wash your swimsuit out after each wear will extend the life for many years.” Jennifer Edgar, CEO, Eucalan.

How many of us have tried to save our swimwear for another yearly getaway only to find that it wasn’t worth the space it was stored in? In a trend-driven society this might be fixable by buying the latest seasonal designs anyway to replace the old worn styles but it is also good to know that with the right love and care, treasured beachside pieces can be kept realistically past a single summer fling.

Although it makes perfect buying sense to start with a reputable high quality swimwear item – one that is preferably chlorine- and fade- resistant and retractable after stretch – the truth remains that over time all swimwear apparel – once exposed to environmental agents such as sun, heat, salt and chlorine; natural and applied body fluids as well as physical manipulation – will experience wear and tear.

So, the general idea is to slow down this process through optimum care, making your purchase value for money in the long run. With that in mind, investing in the ideal cleaning product for your precious poolside pieces can go a long way in ensuring that they keep you looking like a glamourous aqua diva with every wear.

It is usually recommended that we keep our swimwear away from harsh detergents and bleach as these can do more harm than good. Mild soap in conjunction with cool tap water can be a good alternative but there are times when more specialist care with a targeted product like Eucalan can give best results.

Eucalan is a no-rinse laundry cleanser that was developed for washing a myriad of delicate fibres such as knits, lace, and silk and is even gentle enough to use on baby clothing and toys.

“Eucalan has over 27 years of solid, positive performance behind it,” says Jennifer Edgar, Chief Executive Officer of Eucalan. “We’ve simplified the cleaning process and eliminated a lot of unnecessary ingredients in our formula. Simple is always best.”

Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

Formulated to be natural – Eucalan is said to be free from dyes, optical brighteners, enzymes, bleach, phosphates and synthetic fragrances making it ideal for cleaning swimwear as it is gentle on colors. As it needs no rinsing off once used on fabrics, this makes it perfect for quickly soaking and hand washing underwire and embellished swim pieces that could be otherwise seriously defaced by washing them in the laundry machine.

Infused with aromatic fruit and plant scents, Eucalan turns a wash into a heady sensation which can render laundering your garments less of an unwanted chore.

According to the brand’s blog:

“Giving lingerie, swimwear and activewear a quick wash in the basin is not a laborious task. Eucalan brings to mind a “spa-like” atmosphere. Most people feel refreshed when they use Eucalan, which can be attributed to the light, natural essential oil fragrances which scent the air and your delicate garments as well as the fact that laundering with Eucalan couldn’t possibly be any easier. We recommend our Lavender, Grapefruit or Jasmine scents for their naturally antiseptic properties.”

Due to its delicate preparation, Eucalan can be used every time you need to recover and refresh your swim pieces after spa, beach and poolside use. And just the need for one sink or basin filled with tepid water means that a bottle or few pods of Eucalan is great to throw into your luggage when heading out on holiday so you can look after your prized swimming possessions away from home.

Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

“Eucalan is so easy to use when travelling because a teaspoon in the hotel sink filled with water is all it takes to give your swimwear a good bath. Squeeze out the excess water and hang it over the shower rod or towel bar to dry and it’s ready for the next wear,” advises brand CEO Jennifer Edgar.

“Whether you’re in the water or not, it’s important to wash out the day’s perspiration and sunscreen,” she recommends. “Washing swimwear as soon as possible is best to remove everything from the fibers thus allowing the elastics to go back into shape and remove the dull coating on the fabrics. Using Eucalan to wash your swimsuit out after each wear will extend the life for many years.”

And because it’s a consistent formulation, there’s no need to wonder which type of Eucalan is suited to which fabric.

“Eucalan isn’t available in multiple different bottles for different types of fabrics,” says Jennifer. “One bottle does it all and it’s great full-strength as a spot treatment. You just need to decide on your favourite scent!”

The brand provides an informative video on how to use their product to cleanse your swimwear as well as other useful hints that should see your swim and active wear through the summer season and beyond. Just visit https://eucalan.wordpress.com/category/swimwear-2/

Swimwear Care featuring Eucalan Delicate Wash

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