Tallulah Lingerie Bridal Display

Tallulah Lingerie Bridal Display

“To brides…I reveal the truth that one needs real ‘scaffolding’ under their wedding dress.” – Nicola Adams, Tallulah Lingerie.

A visual feast of delicate laces, pearls, silk, cashmere and a touch of pastel pink feathers stopped us in our tracks while browsing through Instagram last month.

It was a photo of bridal pieces from Dominique Intimate Apparel, Simone Perele, Ell and Cee, Ginia, Shell Belle Couture, Maguy de Chadirac, Chantal Thomass and Bracli gingerly draped and placed on a wooden bench.


The display was put together by Nicola Adams and the Tallulah Lingerie team and showcased stunning intimates and spoke to the Tallulah philosophy of helping customers build up a bridal trousseau.

“This image shows exactly how we would work with our brides,” said Nicola. “So many of them arrive for their fitting with the romantic idea that they will be wearing a sexy wisp of Chantilly lace and a basque. That is, until I reveal the truth that one needs real ‘scaffolding’ under their wedding dress.”

Dominique Bridal Colette Lace Corset Bridal Bra 8949

Above: Dominique’s Colette Lace Corset Bridal Bra.

One of the first steps a Tallulah customer goes through with an appointment is to bring pictures of the wedding dress and, if possible, a swatch of fabric.

“When they have spent so much on the wedding dress, why mess it up with the wrong foundations? A photographer’s flash picks up all sorts of details so it really does have to be seam-free and the perfect shape.”

We wanted to learn more about the Tallulah approach to bridal intimates, so we had a chance to speak with Nicola about the process.

Nicola, could you walk us through the Tallulah Lingerie Bridal Display you created? Could you tell us a bit about the brands and styles on display (going from left to right)?

Starting at the left there is the Dominique basque, they are the best I have found – long lined, low backed – although we do alterations to bring the backs lower should we need to, with one of our handmade antique lace garters on top of the basque.

All of our garters are handmade, I love an antiques fair and always look out for antique lace, then our seamstress runs the elastic through and I then sew on the charms, the one in this image has an antique locket, we have lots of charms to choose from, they are all sewn on with blue threads from my late Grandmothers sewing box. Also if the bride to be has a special charm she would like added obviously i can do this to.

Boudoir mules, perfect for strutting. perfect peach perfection seeing you into 2017…and maybe the robe to match! @maguydechadirac is just one of the independent designers we are incredibly lucky to have stocked in the boudoir, the hand dyed silk & feathers and it is all handmade locally- see #peach #perfect #perfection #TallulahLingerie #lingerie #luxury #support #independent #boudoir #silk #heels #marabou #glamour #pinup

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Then the high waisted pants, the ones pictured are the Celeste from Simone Perele, although we do have Body Wrap too if needed, we just have to make sure the bottom of the basque reached the top of the knickers. Below them are our beautiful hand made silk knickers from Ell and Cee, these are pictured in Just Married but we can have anything embroidered including the married name.

Then the getting ready in the morning out fit, and here I am using the Ginia silk camisole and french knickers, on the mannequin that is just out of the shot is a robe to go over this outfit (i will send you an image of this after). lots of brides forget about the getting ready in the morning pictures, Thank goodness Tallulah is on hand!

The Shell Belle cashmere and crystal cardigan and Maguy de Chadaric boudoir mules are for the evening.

Hanging on the bench from left to right to Bracli Pearl and lace body, Chantal Thomass ‘Murmur’ collection and Shell Belle lace camisole & peekaboo brief set.

We love how you described how you help customers build their Bridal Trousseau starting with the scaffolding / foundations. Could you tell us about this philosophy? Could you walk us through the steps you take your customers through to build their bridal trousseaus?

The way it is laid out are the steps we go through with our lovely brides, we always start with the boring but very very important foundations, get that bit out the way, then the fun begins, we help them choose outfits that will go with each other so rather then say three single outfits, we will help the bride have three outfits that will go with each other and make more outfits for the honeymoon.

Our best selling item is the Bracli Pearl thong, its sexy, easy to put on come wedding night (the bride will be wrapped in the robe she wore to get ready and then reveal her cheeky pearl thong – the groom will have no idea what so ever that the bride had scaffolding on under her dress) we suggest she excuses herself to the bathroom to undress and appear in her robe and let him discover the pearls underneath, its cheeky, sexy and easy- not many Brides will want to get changed in to bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings so the pearls are the best option in reality!

We do get our brides in lingerie sets, most will want for honeymoon a couple of lingerie sets including a beautiful ivory lace with suspender belt, so very traditionally bridal and then something the opposite, either black or a pop of colour if everything else is in the soft ice cream bridal tones, and another silk piece, normally this is a Christine gown, we also sell these to be worn as Outerwear so its a dress too.

So at the end of what can be a long and exciting fitting our brides normally end up with the foundations, an outfit including a robe for the morning getting ready, pearls for the evening then maybe another slip, an ivory traditional lingerie set, the a naughty black or bright coloured lingerie set too.

Shell Belle Couture SS12 Smoke and Mirrors 6

Above: Shell Belle.

Why is it important for you to use displays like this in store and on social media? How do your customers respond?

I think it is really important to do these beautiful displays and show how pieces look together, as we do not do our own label- we buy the best from lots of different and mix them up and show customers how we can create different looks to suit all shapes, sizes and budgets. I am quite new to social media and blogging and not experienced at all, I take pictures of the displays in Tallulah to entice and encourage our customers and hopefully new customers to swing by the boudoir, but that is what they are, shots of Tallulah, so i am reaching out with the shopping experience, I’m finding it really does work too which is always so exciting, I really do love it when someone comes in and asks about something posted on Instagram, then to try it and buy it makes me so happy. It is quite hard to get the photos looking nice as it is a bit all over the place in Tallulah and can sometimes just look a mess in photos…I do find not to many people comment on Instagram itself, they come in and talk about it.

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