Bondage and BDSM-inspired Lingerie Trends at CURVENEWYORK

Bondage and BDSM-inspired Lingerie Trends at CURVENY

“I think [this trend] has to be connected with the global movement of women owning their power, accepting their bodies and their sensuality.” – Minka of MilaKrasna.

Collard shirts and tight pencil skirts make way—BDSM-inspired lingerie is the new power suit for women who want to own their confidence and feel more powerful. Taking cues from boss dominatrixes who know how to get what they want, many mainstream and independent brands spotted at CURVENEWYORK are now incorporating latex, harnesses and leather into their collections.

This fashion trend wasn’t sparked on the runway, but rather in the many conversations and movements in society that center around women’s rights and sexuality. “For me the bondage-inspired trends maybe reflect this as a way of taking back control, the ultimate power play,” says Elissa Grainger, owner of Elissa Poppy, a line known for the use of Lacetex, a fabric that latex and lace.

Bondage and BDSM-inspired Lingerie Trends at CURVENY

“I think it has to be connected with the global movement of women owning their power, accepting their bodies and their sensuality,” adds Minka of MilaKrasna, a fashion-forward line of bodywear that is heavily bondage-inspired.

Bondage and BDSM-inspired Lingerie Trends at CURVENY

Another woman who can speak to this new trend is author, Lindsay Goldwert. Her new book, BOW DOWN: Lessons from Dominatrixes on How to Get Everything You Want will be released in January. Lindsay is not a dominatrix, but she interviewed plenty to write her book, which teaches women how to say what they want by being honest and direct. “I followed all the advice from a dominatrix and it has changed my life,” says Lindsay. “It’s about having higher standards for yourself and saying what you mean.”

Lindsay agrees that your apparel choices heavily weigh into how you feel. “You have to project what you feel on the inside,” she says.

“We all know that great fitting, aesthetically pleasing, well-made lingerie makes us feel great,” adds Elissa. “But there is also something special about those powerful, bondage-inspired pieces. It creates a mood in the wearer, as if they’re unstoppable, the ultimate confidence boost.”

Bondage and BDSM-inspired Lingerie Trends at CURVENY

The bondage-inspired details that are making their way into mainstream collections are easy to incorporate into your own wardrobe. As Lindsay says, you don’t have to go full kink to enjoy the boost you get from wearing the gear. Read on for a few of the top trends presented at this past August’s CURVENY show to see how you can wear them.

Strappy Details

Bondage and BDSM-inspired Lingerie Trends at CURVENY

Start off slow with bras and bodysuits that incorporate strappy, banded details. Adjustable elastic straps are comfortable and easy to wear under your clothing. A gorgeous strappy bra is great peeking out from under the neckline of a dress or under a sheer top. Bluebella’s AW19 collection features several strappy bras that will make you feel like you rule the world. The provocative Bree Bra features edgy cut-outs on the cups with elasticated banding leading up from the underwires and forming the completely adjustable doubled shoulder straps. The combination of thick and thin straps lends a fresh take to this established trend.

MilaKrasna SS20

Beyond the bedroom, you can show off your inner strength at the gym with MilaKrasna’s Gina Bra, which incorporates strappy details, while providing enough support for a high-intensity workout with breathable, 4-way stretch material. The all-black style is chic, but we also love how the black straps pop against the red in the top cherry version of the bra.

We have been making bondage-inspired bodywear for quite some time,” says Minka. “Our first pieces were actually lingerie-inspired dancewear, so it was quite natural to draw from bondage aesthetics.”

Bondage and BDSM-inspired Lingerie Trends at CURVENY

The bondage look can even work for brides. Studio Pia’s Clea Cage Bra, which features ivory silk lined adjustable straps and 24k gold plated hardware, is our pick for finding your power while honeymooning.


Bondage and BDSM-inspired Lingerie Trends at CURVENY

For another great option, consider a harness. Layer it over an ordinary bra to spice up your look, or wear it alone. The Andi Harness from Colette & Sebastian is a great option because it features adjustable elastic straps with a single line chest strap and choker that promises to give you confidence in any situation.

Milakrasna makes a sportier harness, the Carly Body Harness can be worn over any set for a major ego boost. Thanks to a breathable, 4-way stretch, soft-touch material it also feels good on.


Bondage and BDSM-inspired Lingerie Trends at CURVENY

If you’re feeling brave, perhaps the latex styles from Elissa Poppy will help you bring out your inner dominatrix. “It’s a fabric that to some people seems unconventional, sometimes almost harsh, but what most don’t know is how natural and sustainable it truly is,” says Elissa.

Elissa Poppy customers are layering items from the line with their everyday clothing. The Zeta Zip Corset looks empowering paired with heels and great-fitting jeans, and the Beta Biker Short is a latex version of this season’s on-trend active silhouette.

“I see it as a leather replacement, but what is great about the material is how adaptive it is, and I think that’s why I love it so much,” Elissa adds.

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Think you can’t wear latex? Lindsay Goldwert had the same feeling as she did research for her book. “I get it,” she says. “Latex is tight.” But when a dominatrix she was interviewing encouraged her to try it on she did, and she felt it’s transformative powers. She says wearing it made her immediately strike a pose, (which she says should be a requirement when selecting power lingerie pieces,) and helped her channel her confidence to demand respect. If you’ve never thought about your innerwear as such a powerful tool, now is perfect time to give it a shot.

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Bondage and BDSM-inspired Trends