I watched Aquaman’s world premiere last night. I was a slap in the face. I started watching the movie premiere of all DC Marvel from Batman begin. It was only second to the Green Lantern. Of course, it was a bad shock. Looking forward to the whole half year, I feel that I have eaten slowly and slowly. The disappointment is not enough to describe the mood of watching movies at that time. After reading it, I didn’t recall any pictures of the movie in my mind. Green Lantern memories. Yes, my feelings for Aquaman are the same as the Green Lantern, but definitely better than the Green Lantern. After all, it is the CG technology that has been leading for eight years, and the scheduling of the director’s action scene is still very good, but In the trend of the plot, the shaping of the world view, the shaping of the characters and the information that they want to explore and express, they are all at the kindergarten level. Then look at the evaluation of others. My chin has fallen to the depths of Atlantis. The evaluation is that the coolest DC DC rises the best movie of DCEU, so I can no longer hold my breath and want to talk about where the sea king is bad.

Before entering the specific analysis of Aquaman’s movie, I want to explain first, I am not a Marvel powder, I am just a fan who loves to watch movies and especially loves watching superhero movies. I know the beauty of the movie, even from Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, I prefer DC’s worldview. Because compared to Marvel’s closeness to real life, DC has shaped a new world. This is what people call the epic feeling. I have been undecided about other people’s evaluation of DC movies as a dark wind. DC’s movies are only more in-depth, and they want to explore. A deeper level of things is a continuation of DC’s own comic style, and Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and the watchman of Zhazi retain this tradition well and complete these four so far. Still considered to be the best four superhero movies. Next, Marvel and DC opened the MCU and DCEU respectively, which completely changed the shooting mode and evaluation criteria of the superhero movie. Let’s go back to the movie of Aquaman.

Aquaman is not good to watch? My answer is good-looking, today’s top CG and CAST, Jason Mamoa’s perfect body, Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman are two beautiful women, Patrick Wilson is also very handsome. Special effects, the value of the face and the speed of the 7 speed Wen Ziren grasp the action lens, the scene of fighting underwater is also carefully designed. The picture of their breakthrough in the sea of ​​the sea near the Haigou people is really beautiful. I think the word visual feast is worthy. But is he a good person who will make people feel good and resonate? No, because the above advantages are only limited to the picture and visual, a movie must really touch people, relying on stories and plots. Some people will say what the story of the superhero movie? This kind of movie is cool! What story? Brothers with this kind of thinking can alt+f4 no longer have to look down, because I think that not only is the most important thing in a movie, but the story of a superhero movie should be especially important. For the super-English film, the importance of the plot is to shape the characters. These are not grand special effects, and cool action scenes can be done. People generally have a kind of argument that Marvel’s story is not so good, but also to see a refreshing, but why do people think his movie looks good? That is because Marvel’s character creation is very successful! Each scene will have a large number of scenes focused on the character’s character, and Marvel also has an advantage in quantity. The MCU has 18 films in ten years, and the style of the second-class hero who is basically the same in style is in the ten. After the eight films, every character has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Their ideas and ideals are also deeply portrayed in people’s hearts, which is why we will be impressed by the MCU’s film, when the Women’s Federation 3 heroes become dust. The DCEU plus Shanghai King has a total of six different styles, and there is a wave of forcible in the middle. Except for Superman, people don’t understand the characters of these heroes in DCEU. This requires more movies to show the audience but it is regrettable. The sea king did not do this!

Let’s take a look at how the sea king shaped the characters inside. Once opened, it is the old-fashioned monologue of Aquaman, telling the love story of the father and mother, and finally the mother is taken away, then jumps to the aquarium school bully to bully the sea king, then the shark helps to scare the bully, see here I will I feel the lazy of the writer. Lazy writing and lazy filming, here the line of the account of the birth of Aquaman and childhood can talk to the fish and be bullied, but I did not feel the understanding of the character of a trace of the sea king, there is no detail to explain how the sea king grows, but The pen and ink are more focused on the love story of my father and mother. Instead, you should see more of the aquarium scene. The two children have three sentences in total, and one minute has passed. In the submarine play, it is even more exaggerated. The drama is basically in the black manta and his dad, and when the sea king should tangled to save the black manta dad, ten seconds of the ask the sea for mercy. It can be said that I can’t basically see the director using any plot and story to shape the character of Aquaman. The only scene is to take a selfie in the bar and the brawny, but more for fun, and the length is not more than One minute. Seeing the back I can see that the director wants to shape the inner struggle of the sea king. He thinks that the mother died because he gave birth to him. He is very self-blaming, so he wants to stay away from the world of Atlantis, but there is no emotional drama in front. In the case of bedding, I can’t feel his feelings at all. So when he got the golden fork behind him and turned into Sun Wukong, I couldn’t emotionally cheer for him. This is the result of lazy writing and lazy filming. This lazy is not only reflected in the shaping of the Aquaman characters but also in the shaping of the entire Atlantis worldview. There is a film in the world of introducing new things. The guidelines are called show, don’t tell. And Haiwang used a lot of instructions to talk about Atlantis’s worldview. It really made me unable to integrate into one of the simplest examples. The director wanted to let people know, the feudalism of Atlantis, the king of the sea. Is it more impressive that the mother’s escape from the political marriage is not directly photographed? This incident in their love story will really make people feel the helplessness of his mother and the impact on the sea king in the future? The mouth of Mera’s debut is also inexplicable. I told him that you must stop your brother? What? Who is this woman? Why does Haiwang want his brother to declare war on the land? Why is Mera standing opposite to his brother? ? ? I understand everything in the plot, but emotionally I have no way to resonate. There are a lot of such essays in the back. I won’t spit it out. These fatal flaws have greatly weakened the shock of the large special effects lens behind, and the eyes are beautiful, but there will be no waves in the emotions!

Here I want to compare the DCEU’s opening steel body horizontally. The superman who was smashed into the ball started to see how he shaped Superman. The same is the beginning of the birth, the guide took 20 minutes, a complete account of the new world of comet, general zodd became the reason for the villain, the entire play of the concllic complete set up. It took another half an hour to explain the growth of clark kent before becoming Superman. Until the 50th minute, Clarkkent first wore Superman’s tights and started flying. Nearly an hour of literary play may be a bit long, but I have completely entered the world of clark kent, I understand his inner contradictions to understand his values, the most important thing is that I understand his personality! This is why the steel body as a single film may not be as good as the watchman, but as the opening of the DCEU, he perfected what the Iron Man III did. Let us After a complete understanding of the ability and inner contradiction and struggle as a superman, I feel that the failure of Zhadao is not because of darkness, but because of the inconsistency, the good things are not bought by the audience.

The reason why I chose the body of steel to compare with Aquaman is because I have the deepest line in Haiwang, and the same in the body of steel.

This can be the bridge of two people, which runs through the entire DCEU, including in Wonder Woman. I think this is the core idea of ​​DC, because DC’s heroes are mostly from the existence of another world god. Live and love humanity in the human world and finally save the human world. I didn’t feel this sentence when I heard it, because no one and the scene let me see the contradiction between the two sides. How is the sea king suitable for the bridge on both sides? As a superhero, Aquaman is willing to change his original intention to save the world. He must have loved the world. I have not seen any pictures to describe the connection between Aquaman and the world, including his connection with his father, including him. Missing his dead mother. After I heard this sentence in the body of the steel, my heart was extremely excited. The analogy of the writing of the text is the central idea of ​​the whole body of steel, and the destruction of the comet from the beginning of the entire Superman. To Superman’s growth, ability to show, and finally fight with humans, kill compatriot Zodd, save humanity. I saw the growth of the character Superman, and this sentence is the center of the whole movie, and the sea king… I really can’t see his inner thoughts, can’t see the growth of his characters, can’t see By the beginning of his inner thoughts, he could not see the contradiction in his heart. I only heard the words on his line and could not see the show on the screen! Why I watched Aquaman not only disappointment but despair, I think Warner and DCEU are still on the road of four different, the second is not enough, the epic is not enough epic, the second route and the comic story of DC itself. The style is more like DC. The collision and conflict between the two worlds is a contest between man and God. The characters of Batman and Superman shaped in MOS and BVS are not suitable for hilarity, and this sea king is full of me. I haven’t laughed out == But such a work has achieved word of mouth and a high probability of a win-win situation at the box office. I think Warner is understanding people. Such works are the easiest to get recognition from the masses, and we are not good at all. Fans, next year’s Shazan, sequel to Aquaman 2 I will still go to buy tickets to see the premiere, but the good movie I want to see seems to be farther away from DCEU, I hope that next year’s Shazan can have a surprise (this It was exactly what I expected from Sea King last year after I saw it. But my expectations have become smaller and smaller. My hope is on the suicide team 2, and James Gunn will help DCEU make a face-lift!

Unconsciously said so much, I think there must be many people who have the same views as me. Every movie is the same. Aquaman has a good place and a shortage of places. It is right to face his inadequacies, not because he loves him. He simply covers his inadequacy and even attacks those pointed out. The quality of the movie, so that the film can make progress, we can see more good movies. It is a pity that the place where Aquaman is not enough is fatal. The special effects picture can make your story more outstanding and more touching, but the movie without the story is soulless! And we! I want to watch movies with souls! I also want to see a sea king with flesh and blood!

(There is a soundtrack here, the speed of the speed 7 can not be remembered, the same as Aquaman, I remembered MOS last night, MOS soundtrack is really great!)

(After reading the comments, I feel that most people don’t seriously watch my film reviews. I don’t think there is a need to watch the movies. I have to divide the Marvel and DC, divide the special effects party and the story party, divide the depth and watch the flow, I have never I have not said that I must find the meaning from these movies, and I have given more than four stars to most of the films in the late Marvel. Marvel’s movies are full of special effects and there is not much depth and connotation, but In addition to special effects, they create one after another lifelike image that makes me love. This is what Haiwang did not do. The story and story of Aquaman did not serve the characters, but served for special effects. The character of the person and the character growth of Haiwang. This is the reason why I gave Haiwang a low score. A really good movie (Douban 8.2) should be a relatively classic movie. It should be in ten or twenty years. In the future, after your special effects technology is no longer leading, we will look back and want to watch the movie once again (the special effects of Avatar are still ten years later.) I don’t think Go after effects coat, Aquaman’s story makes me want to revisit later in the decade!)

Let me add a few more points. I thought that there was a loophole in the speech that I didn’t leak. I really shouldn’t mention the arrogance. Sure enough, the Shuijun is really horrible. I created a lifelike character and I was caught. I am not a man. Wei powder is not a Marvel water army. I just evaluate the two films in my own perspective. Those who really read this film review should find out that I actually prefer DC. I said that Marvel’s characters are shaped well, because after 18 movies, even those things that are not well done in a single movie, you have absorbed all the good ones, and at least people are shaping them, not only Just use special effects to attract the audience, and instill the information little by little like a series. The sea king is 0 in this respect. There are a lot of movies that are not well-formed. In general, only the Galaxy Guards 1, 2 and the US 2 are good masterpieces, but at least some of them are some plots and special effects. A more complete movie. If you don’t say it anymore, the more you say it, the darker it is. Anyway, the water army is so powerful that I have seen it. Comments are for comment. Don’t be swearing. What are the bad words? The quality is really low!

Does anyone say that Avatar’s Aquaman has more special effects than Avatar in the past ten years? Not there? So can you compare?

The film review was issued for two days, causing intense discussion. I did not think that the words I played before going to bed would cause so much repercussions. This is my first time to write a thought for a movie. Basically, I think of what to write. There must be a lot of places that are not written enough, but this is just my personal feeling. I thought that the fans of Douban would be more rational. When I discussed the film, I still overestimated the public opinion environment of the Internet. In the past two days, there were comments in the spray, and there were also special postings to attack me, and even a private letter to insult me, it is also an eye-opener. Brothers, dissipate, I understand that you like Haiwang’s movie and the spirit of defending him, but everyone is a different individual and has his own views and standards. You like Haiwang and do not represent everyone. I like it, just like I don’t like Aquaman.